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Why Choose IdeaGlow?

... In Comparison to Other Idea Management Software

There are a number of idea management software in the market. Some are more expensive, some are less expensive, and a few are in the same price range.

Prospective customers, such as yourself, often ask us why they should choose IdeaGlow over other idea management tools. While IdeaGlow is not perfect, here are the top reasons given by customers for choosing IdeaGlow...
  IdeaGlow offers you an ideal, rare combination of:  
Ease of Use Enterprise Quality, and Affordable Pricing
Plus, it is backed by our unique "90 Days...Or Free" Guarantee & our 5-part Promise
... and is proven to work at companies of all sizes (Fortune-500s to startups)
Not convinced yet?

Here's one more reason to choose IdeaGlow - We're the ONLY software in our industry with an awesome monkey mascot! You cannot possibly ignore this reason!
Here's a detailed explanation of the three reasons above and how you benefit from them:

Ease of Use:

  • Easy to implement - 3 easy steps:
    You can implement our cloud-based (SaaS) software in 3 easy steps:
    • Sign up for free trial: This takes less than 5 minutes - click here to start free trial ». No download or install needed.
    • Test drive IdeaGlow: Try it out for up to 30 days - your trial account is fully functional. Customize it and put it through the paces.
    • Convert to paid account: If IdeaGlow meets your needs, convert to a paid account. You can pay via credit card or purchase order (PO). We make the conversion very easy to do. You'll retain all the data and configuration from your trial account.
  • Easy to use every day:
    • "Ease of use" is the primary reason given by our customers for choosing IdeaGlow over other idea management software.
    • We designed IdeaGlow from the ground up to be extremely easy-to-use, for administrator users as well as end users. Your users learn it fast and actually use it regularly.
  • The unusual process that makes IdeaGlow easy to use:
    • While implementing a new feature, we always start with the User Interface (UI). We build several UI prototypes, usually at least 6. We then put them through proprietary, step-by-step usability analysis and refine them until the UI is optimized for ease-of-use. Only after this step is completed, we even start our specifications work. This rigorous & unusual process keeps IdeaGlow easy-to-use.
    • Furthermore, IdeaGlow has a very focused feature set. This leads to a simple and efficient design. Contrast this to most of our competitors who claim "the largest feature set". As some of our customers found - this results in bloated software that users stop using after a few months.

Enterprise Quality:

  • While IdeaGlow is used by companies of all sizes (from Fortune-500 companies to growing startups), it's designed to meet the demanding needs of enterprises - with features such as:
    • Web services API
    • Single sign on (SSO)
    • Enterprise-grade security
    • Powerful import/export
    • Customizable voting methods
    • Ability to support a large number of users & ideas
    • Support for geographically distributed teams
    • Flexible licensing model to cost-effectively support a large number of users and to accommodate different types of users
    • Ironclad data backup and data portability
    • And more...
  • We employ a proven, reliable & secure cloud infrastructure to serve the needs of our customers in 4 continents, 24x7x365. We've consistently delivered 99.95% uptime and scaled seamlessly to meet the big growth in our user base, so you can count on us.
  • We offer a complete suite of professional services to meet the needs of enterprises in implementing IdeaGlow. Click here for the list of services.
  • We realize that enterprises have widely varying needs based on their market sector and internal processes. IdeaGlow is designed so that you can customize it right from your web browser. This helps you ensure the unique needs of your organization are met.
  • We understand how the needs of enterprises evolve as they grow and adapt to their markets. That's why we constantly listen to you and enhance IdeaGlow. We do minor releases every month and major releases once a quarter.
  • When you sign up for IdeaGlow, we assign an account manager for your account. Account manager will help you with your evaluation before the sale. He/she will also ensure that IdeaGlow is enhanced to meet your ongoing needs after the sale.
  • For accounts that qualify, we offer a complimentary Quarterly Success Review. We meet with you to review your usage of IdeaGlow, and together identify how to get the most out of IdeaGlow to make your organization even more successful.

Affordable Pricing:

  • IdeaGlow is affordably priced and will continue to be. Comparable enterprise-quality idea management software can cost 2-6 times the price of IdeaGlow, depending on the number of user licenses you need.
  • We host the software, and provide it to you using the cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This means you incur no additional costs to install, backup, or keep it running. You can just sign up and get started in minutes.
  • How is IdeaGlow able to offer affordable prices?
    Wondering how we're able to offer such affordable prices? Click here for the reasons. As a result of these reasons, you get enterprise-quality software and delightful customer service at an affordable price.
This rare combination of Ease of Use, Enterprise Quality, and Affordable Pricing is why more than 100 companies of all sizes have chosen IdeaGlow. Why not try it yourself?

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Is IdeaGlow Proven to Work?


Yes. Dozens of companies of all sizes (from Fortune-500 companies to growing startups) use IdeaGlow every day to manage ideas and suggestions from their employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

They achieve significant increases in ideation, idea collaboration, and user engagement - while implementing a systematic process to capture and manage ideas and suggestions from their user community.

Other companies have been able to achieve these compelling results. The best way to find out whether you too can achieve such results is to try it yourself. Try IdeaGlow, FREE for 30-days...
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