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What is idea site "Status", and how do I use it?

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There are five idea site status settings:

  1. Open – Add, Vote and Comment
    This status lets users add their ideas, vote on ideas, and comment on ideas. This is the most open status, which allows you to gather ideas from your customers, partners, etc.
  2. Open – Vote and Comment Only
    This status lets users to vote and comment on ideas. It does not allow users to add their ideas. Administrators can add ideas manually or by import from CSV or Accompa. This status is most often used to gather comments and votes on a defined set of ideas, in order to determine which ideas are most important to your stakeholders.
  3. Open - Add & Comment Only
    This lets users add new ideas, and comment on existing ideas. It doesn't allow users to vote on any existing ideas. This status can be used to freeze voting so you can further discuss, analyze, and prioritize the ideas.
  4. Open - Comment Only
    This allows users to only comment on existing ideas. Users cannot add new ideas, or vote on existing ones. This status lets you easily freeze idea submission, and voting.
  5. Closed
    This status lets users view the ideas, votes and comments in your idea site. Users, including administrators, cannot add ideas, votes or comments. This status is used to freeze or close an idea site when you don't want any activity to occur in the site.

Note: When your idea site is initially set up, the status is set to “Open – Add, Vote and Comment“. Administrators can change the status of the idea site at any time at the “Idea Site Info” page in the "Site Manager".

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