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What are the differences between the two "Vote Styles"?

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IdeaGlow supports two voting styles - “Up/Down” and “Spend Votes”:

  1. Up/Down
    "Up/Down" voting style allows users to vote for (Thumbs Up), or against (Thumbs Down) ideas. Each time a user votes up, 10 votes are added to the idea they voted for. Each time a user votes down, 10 votes are subtracted from the idea they voted down.
  • Up/Down votes are unlimited. Users can vote up or down for an unlimited number of ideas.
  • The number of votes that are added or subtracted can be customized by Administrators. This help article explains the steps.
  1. Spend Votes
    "Spend Votes" voting style enables you to limit the number of votes each user gets. Because votes are limited, a user must prioritize which ideas he votes for, and has to consider how many votes to give to each idea. This gives you more detailed prioritization feedback on ideas.
  • Votes, Refill Frequency, Refill Start Date
    When you choose “Spend Votes”, each user is given 100 votes by default. The votes are scheduled to refill every 90 days starting from the date your idea site was set up. You can customize the default votes, refill frequency, and refill start date.

    Votes are refilled between midnight and 5:00 am Pacific Time (USA).
  • Custom Votes
    When you choose “Spend Votes”, you can allocate different votes to different users - just click on "Set up custom votes" link. For example, you may want to give more votes to certain customers, partners or executives in order to give them a greater voice in voting.

Note: When your idea site is initially set up, the voting style is set by default to “Up/Down“. Administrators can change the voting style of the idea site at any time at the “Voting” page in the "Site Manager".

Watch: Video - About Voting Styles (4:37)

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