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How do I write a good "Idea Challenge" question?

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A well formed question for your "Idea Challenge" will help get a good response from your users.  Use the following 3 steps, to easily achieve this:

  1. Phrase it as a short question.
    • Start with one of the question words, such as: How, What, Which, Why, When, etc.
  2. Focus on a single problem in each Idea Challenge.
    • If there are multiple problems, break them up into multiple challenges.
  3. Strike a balance between making the Idea Challenge too broad and too narrow.

Here are some examples of good "Idea Challenge" questions:

  • How can we reduce customer complaints about slow service?
  • What incentives can we offer to increase sales of Widget-A?

Here are some templates for good "Idea Challenge" questions:

  • How can we ____________________?
  • What _____________  can we ________________?
  • What are the new ___________  we can use to _____________?

Read the following white paper for more information on Idea Challenges:

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