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Better Idea Management in 90 Days... Or It's Free

Learn About Our "Dog Ate IdeaGlow" 100% Money-Back Guarantee & Why We Offer It For 90 Days

You can now try out IdeaGlow at your organization without incurring financial risk in paying for idea management software. Read on to learn more...

We Assume All the Risk - Here's How It Works

We're happy to offer you a simple, ironclad 90-Days-or-Free guarantee - the ONLY software in our market with such a guarantee (to our best knowledge). By making this guarantee, we assume all the risk so that you can try IdeaGlow risk-free. Here's how it works.

Sign up for our 30-day free trial and start using IdeaGlow. If you're happy, convert to a paid account and keep using it for up to 90 days.

If you don't think our software helped you improve your idea management process within the first 90 days - simply cancel it any time during the first 90 days and ask us to refund your money. You don't need to give us a reason - or you can just say "Dog Ate My IdeaGlow!" We will issue a fast and courteous 100% refund, no questions asked...

It's that easy. No tricks or gotchas - no conditions whatsoever. If you don't achieve better idea management within 90 days, it's FREE...

Later in this page, we walk you through a detailed timeline of how the guarantee works - but before we get to that...

Why Are We Offering You This Unusual Guarantee?

You may be wondering why we're willing to take on all the risk by offering you the ONLY such guarantee in our market. The reason is as follows...

Companies of all sizes (from Fortune 500 companies to growing startups) use our software every day to manage their ideas. We know from hard data that our software helps the vast majority of companies improve their idea management within 90 days. That's why we're able to offer you this unconditional guarantee...

Try it yourself over the next 90 days and find out whether it helps you too - click the button below to get started now risk-free.
Start 30-day FREE trial (in just 3 minutes)...
30-day FREE Trial. Start managing YOUR ideas in just 3 minutes.

How It Works - Detailed Timeline

Day 1

Sign up for our 30-day FREE trial. It takes under 5 minutes to sign up. As IdeaGlow is 100% web-based, there are no installation issues to worry about.

Day 1 - Day 30

Customize IdeaGlow to fit your organization's needs and use it to manage your ideas. It is a fully functional FREE trial with 5 user accounts to enable you to get a true feel for how it can help your team. We offer free support to assist you.

Day 31

If you're happy so far, you can convert to a paid account. You can pay via credit card or purchase order (PO) - your call. As IdeaGlow starts at just $499/month, you will save a lot over comparable software.

Day 31 - Day 90

Use IdeaGlow to capture, track and manage your ideas. Add as many users and ideas as you'd like. Put it through the paces, and see for yourself how it can benefit your organization too.

Day 90

If you feel IdeaGlow did not help you - simply cancel your account at any time before day 90, and ask us to refund your fees. We'll issue a fast and courteous 100% refund, no questions asked.
We assume all the risk by making the ONLY such guarantee in our market, so that you can try it risk-free...

Imagine you and your team using IdeaGlow to manage your ideas. Your team avoids all the losses & unnecessary stress caused by ill-suited tools like Excel, Word & wikis - and works far more efficiently and more successfully. It's 100% Risk-Free - click the button below to get started now...
Start 30-day FREE trial (in just 3 minutes)...
30-day FREE Trial. Start managing YOUR ideas in just 3 minutes.
P.S. Since you're 100% protected by this unconditional guarantee, why wait any longer? Click here to get started now - FREE Trial...
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